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Recent Work

Click photos to view large, detailed versions.
Dogs, deer, people, whale (added 12Nov10)Waves, water, rain, mist, clouds, wind (added 12Nov10)Whale, splash, waves, weater (added 12Nov10)

Dog and deer motifs (added 11Sep10)Killer whale bottom (added 11Sep10)

Dog and star motifs (added 11Sep10)Basket bottom (added 11Sep10)

Dog motifs (added 11Sep10)Top (added 11Sep10)Lid (added 11Sep10)

Willow baskets, uprightWillow baskets, bottom view

Willow basket number 3, side viewWillow basket number 3, bottom view

This one took 6 months to create.

david dusina

Stars in the NightStars in the NightStars in the Night


For FabienneFor FabienneFor Fabienne

These baskets were made by one of David's pupils--Karmen.


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